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Toobers & Zots® Brings Flexibility to Imaginative Play

New Large Bendable "Foamstruction" Toy Fuels Imagination and Sparks Creativity

Seekonk, MA -- February 13, 2011 -- When kids are ready to take a break from their electronics and video screens, Toobers & Zots® is there to power up their imagination, and engage their brains and hands in kid-powered fun!   

A new adventure begins every time a child opens the package of Toobers & Zots, a uniquely flexible, holdable, moldable soft foam toy that fuels the imagination through an infinite number of 3-D creations.   

Little Kids’ new Toobers & Zots is designed for ages 3 and up. Kids can create anything they can imagine when they bend the Toobers into the desired shape and slide on the zany Zots.  Their creations come to life as they use the colorful Skinnies and Dots to adorn and decorate.

Kids play with Toobers & Zots in two unique ways. The first is in an open-ended foamstruction way - building one of a kind creatures, flowers, rockets….anything they can imagine!  The second is in an imaginative, role-play way, pretending they are a princess, cowboy or pirate.  Kids act out their roles with the different pieces that they have designed and constructed. 

Each set comes with an idea book to spark more Toobers & Zots projects.  Little Kids is offering two sets that compliment the way kids play:

Toobers & Zots

Toobers & Zots Bend & Build Foamstruction Set (MSRP $24.99)

Build hundreds of fun creations! With 298 pieces, this set is great for multiple children ages 3 and up. Using the fun colored pieces of foam, it is easy to build LARGE creations such as dinosaurs, flowers, animals and rockets. Girls love it, boys love it, parents love it, teachers love it.  So get your imagination going for fun that never stops!

Bend & Build


Toobers & Zots Bend & Pretend Foamstruction Assortment (SRP $24.99)

“I am a princess," “I am a cowboy,” “I am a mermaid,”  “I am a pirate,” “I am a Ninja,” “I am a chef,” “I am a scuba diver,”…the possibilities are endless. 

Kids’ imaginations go wild as they create props and accessories for pretend play.  The set for girls includes purple, pink and green colored Toobers, Zots, Skinnies and Dots, a foam belt, pink fabric to adorn a costume for a queen, fairy princess, mermaid, or other imaginary characters. The set for boys includes red, green and blue colored Toobers, Zots, Skinnies, Dots, a foam belt and a red fabric that can be a cape, a hat, or anything else they can imagine. Makes hundreds of fun costumes! Recommended for ages 3 & up.



Toobers & Zots will be available at retail in May, 2011. To get notifications on Toobers & Zots when it is available, visit!


About Little Kids

Little Kids® Inc. was founded in 1989 by toy industry leader and former Toy Industry Association Board Member, Jim Engle.   Little Kids develops, manufactures and markets innovative and award-winning bubble, novelty, sports and activity toys.  Consumers recognize Little Kids toys for their high quality, value and durability that promote thoughtful and creative play.  Little Kids brands include a line built upon No-Spill Bubbles, a category the company created with its patented No-Spill® Bubble Tumbler toy.  Other Little Kids brands include My First Bubbles®, Junk Ball® Sports, Crunch Art™ and Press Dough™ food activity toys.  Little Kids licensed toy portfolio includes Nickelodeon and Jelly Belly bubble and novelty toys.  Little Kids is privately owned enterprise headquartered in Seekonk, MA. 


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